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How To Score High in NEET Exam

How To Score High in NEET Exam: The Best Strategies for Success

No doubt NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test) is the toughest medical entrance exam in India. Many students take multiple attempts to clear this test while many dreams of making it in their first go. 

Clearing NEET on the first try? 

60-70% of candidates do just that with a 600+ score. 

With the right preparation, you can clear this tough exam on the first attempt, with a 600+ score!

NEET exam assesses the knowledge of Class 11th and 12th students in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. 

NEET is the exam that every medical aspirant wants to crack, but it can be difficult to prepare for. If you are preparing for NEET 2022 and want to clear the exam on the first attempt, then you must have proper strategies. Check out below the NEET top tips from toppers who cracked it in their first attempt!

Understand The NEET Exam Pattern and Mark Distribution

Like every exam, NEET too has a pattern, and every pattern has its own set of factors and variables. 

The biggest issue while preparing for NEET is the lack of a strategy. You have to understand the pattern and work on it. 

What is important is understanding the pattern and how you can revise it effectively.

Know the NEET Syllabus

The NEET exam preparation strategy should include a thorough mastering of the NCERT syllabus. The way to do it is to study the whole syllabus fully and you should learn all the topics of Class 11 and 12 separately from your respective board/syllabus for your board exams. Here is the 

Once you have decided on what topics you will be studying, read them thoroughly. You need to ensure that you master the concepts in order to score well in the NEET exam. Keep reading the literature on that topic as well as at least 5-6 related textbooks in order to get the maximum benefit out of your study. 

Get the Basics of Physics, Chemistry and Biology

To score high in NEET, you need to have a basic understanding of all three subjects, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. 

NEET questions are of the multiple-choice type and you need to have a strong foundation to attempt the multiple-choice questions. 

Do not ignore difficult to understand chapters. You will have to master these chapters even if they are difficult and time-consuming. 

Invest your time in reading and writing the practice problems from each topic. Ask and get help from your teachers in case you need any clarifications. 

Practice Mock Tests, Analyse Your Performance

Before going for any test, it is important to execute proper mock test sessions. The aim should be to find the weak points of your previous sessions and strengthen them.

Moreover, it is very important to analyze your mock test performance and see what areas of improvement are required to clear NEET in the first attempt.

It is always better to learn the details of the question pattern and take advice from experts before going for the test. 

Head on to the NEET homepage to find all the question papers of NEET 2020.

How to Avoid Negative Marks in NEET Exam?

The major concern about NEET is the negative marks. For every wrong answer, you will lose 1 hard-earned mark. For every right answer, you will earn 4 marks. 

This feature will force a student to be very cautious and not make silly mistakes due to overconfidence. 

Take time to read and understand thoroughly the question and the answer options. 

If you feel you cannot arrive at a conclusive answer, then do not guess. Skip that question to avoid negative marks.

Make Your Own Notes

It is advisable to jot down all the important facts related to the subject you are studying. Start with a habit to jot down short notes in a notebook. 

This will help you keep all the information at your fingertips and save you a lot of time during the revision.

Leverage Your Time Wisely

Another effective strategy to crack the NEET exam is leveraging your time judiciously among all the 3 subjects. Divide your daily time limit with time-bound objectives to get the best result. 

It is not the number of hours you have studied, but the number of previously difficult questions you were able to solve that determines your final success in the NEET exam.

The NEET question paper is fairly complex. It consists of 3 different sections, and it is good to set aside equal time for each of them.

NEET is an in-depth exam and you need to give your maximum focus on each subject. Therefore, you should find the time you need to read and write. After every class, take a few minutes to complete some basic questions related to the topics.

In this competitive exam, it’s easy to start comparing yourself to other students, but this will only make you feel low on confidence. Understand that such comparisons are purely a waste of your valuable time.

Preparation Tips for NEET Exam

Making sure that your knowledge and understanding of the subject matter is full, you must know that NEET is just not a re-test for the CBSE Board Exam. 

Reasoning is one of the most important elements of NEET as it deals with the development of problem-solving skills required to crack the NEET questions. 

The time available is not substantial to comprehend the entire syllabus. So, fill in the basics. Read the NCERT books thoroughly. 

A good practice is to get the CBSE syllabus and do a complete re-writing of the same to a multiple-choice format.

Eat healthily and sleep for a good 6-7 hours. Avoid all the social media distractions that may urge you to respond to an outer stimulus. Read this article about Akansha Singh’s strategies in becoming a NEET 2020 topper with AIR 2.

Finally, Revise Thoroughly Before the Exams

First and foremost, students must have an uncluttered mind before they take the exam. If a student has failed to prepare well for NEET in the past, then the outcome of the examination is out of the question. However, with proper revision, NEET aspirants can easily succeed in the exam.

For the exams, if you have mastered only 60% of the syllabus, then revise and perfect this instead of investing time in learning new portions. Because you can only answer the MCQs that you have perfectly understood conceptually. So do not try to learn anything at the last minute. 


  1. Can I crack the NEET exam on the first attempt?

Yes, you can. Actually, any student willing to put in the effort can crack the exam.

  1. How many times a student can appear for the NEET exam?

There is no limit to the number of attempts. Also, there is no upper age limit. You can appear for the exams if you are 17 years or above.

  1. How many hours do NEET toppers study?

4-5 hours daily or more.


NEET is a tough exam, so you need to have a never-give-up attitude. It’s okay if you don’t get it on the first try. Just stay motivated and practice solving more and more questions! 

Persistence is the name of this game. Never run yourself down. 

Remember, to take one step at a time for your preparation. Stay motivated and have a never-give-up attitude. 

Don’t just stick to your timetable: invest some time in hobbies as well! So, focus on the real long-term goals of your life and aim to become excellent in whoever you choose to become.

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