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8 Golden Tips to Reduce Negative Marking in NEET

Hey Peeps! We hope you are preparing well for your NEET exam. Leaving no stone unturned, you are firmly dedicated to your goal. 

Every student who wants to become a doctor or build a career in other medical courses has to clear the NEET exam with good marks. But the negative marking pattern makes it difficult to crack the NEET exam. Despite working so hard, some students fail. To avoid this situation, students need to pay heed to the reasons for negative marking in exams. 

Here we will discuss about- what are the common causes of minus marking, which topics can trouble you, how you can overcome negative marking, and, more importantly, get success in the NEET exam.

NEET Negative Marking Pattern

NEET exam paper pattern 2021 carries a total of 200 multiple choice questions, out of which 180 and a maximum of 720 marks. You will be given 4 marks for each correct answer, but each wrong answer will lead to a deduction of 1 mark. If you choose more than one option for a single question, this will also cause you 1 negative mark.

What may be the reasons for Negative Marking in NEET?

  • Lack of concept clarity: If you haven’t understood the topic properly or have just memorized without in-depth study, you can choose the wrong answer that costs you negative marks.
  • Fill it all: Some students tend not to skip any question. If you are the one, stop right away! It will cost you an attempt. Tick mark the question with surety or closest possible answer. Never play a blindfold game here.
  • Nervousness and Low Confidence: Ofcourse, NEET is an important exam, but it is not the end. Students get nervous if they are not able to answer a few questions and lose confidence. This can affect your entire exam.

How to Avoid Negative Marking in NEET?

Lakhs of students sit in the NEET exam. To secure a place in top medical colleges in India, you need to clear the exam and get a good rank. Each correct answer will add to the rank, and any wrong one can deteriorate the position. Each mark counts in the NEET exam. So, here are some points of improvement that can be applied to prevent negative marking.

  1. Stress Management: One cannot see a clear picture in tidal waves. The same is the case with our minds. You need to calm and relax your mind to focus properly. Take a deep breath, concentrate and give your best shot.
  2. Read the questions carefully: Many times, you would read the question but won’t understand it. There are questions similar to previous years’ question papers, but there is some hidden change. Do not rush to answer. Read the question paper carefully, under it, and mark your then answer.
  3. Skip Doubtful Questions: If you have any doubt in the question or unclear concept, skip it. Some topics don’t click with you at the moment. No problem. Just leave it for a while and attempt it later. 
  4. Time Management: You start with a complex question, you got stuck in it and there you have lost your 15 minutes! Never make this kind of mistake. Time management is very much important in the NEET exam. Read and understand the questions meticulously, try to solve them but avoid investing too much time in one question. It will shake your confidence and reduce the time available for other questions.
  5. Never choose multiple answers: If you have confusion regarding two options, think twice about which one is the closest. Never mark two answers for a single question otherwise it will be counted as an unattempted question.
  6. Avoid verbal calculations: To save time, you might solve some questions orally. There are high chances of incorrect calculation. It is better to solve by writing and be double sure about the answers.
  7. No last-minute rush: As the hands of the clock move, your mind starts alarming. In the fear of unattempted questions and last-minute rush, you tick the random answers or attempt doubtful questions. Don’t do this. It will increase the chances of your negative marking. Stay calm and focused during the 3 hours duration and avoid last moment chaos.
  8. Don’t be Overconfident: Neither over-dose of medicine nor lack of nutrition will serve the purpose. The same is the case with confidence. You must have a balanced attitude. Have confidence in your preparation but do not underestimate the exam either.

In brief, you have to follow these tips to minimize negative marking in the NEET exam-

  • No arbitrary answers.
  • Take care of the time allocated to each question.
  • Read properly and answer carefully with no hustle.
  • If you are not sure, skip the question for the moment. Get back to it later when you are done with other questions. 

Remember, each mark in the NEET exam counts and costs you the rank. Follow the strategy, have faith in your preparation and rest is done.

Calculation of Marks

After the NEET exam, NTA releases the answer key. You can refer to it and calculate your estimated marks. As explained above about the marking scheme in the NEET exam, you can calculate your score as below-

NEET marks = (Total correct answers x 4) – (Total wrong answers x 1)

So fellas, here you are all set to give your NEET exam, equipped with sure-short tips and tricks to crack the NEET exam. Invest your time wisely and give your best shot. The day is not far when you will get admission to one of the top medical colleges and pursue your dream career.


  1. What is the easiest way to clear the NEET exam?

     Ans. There are no shortcuts to success. Hard work, dedication, discipline, strategy and consistency is the road to success.

2. What if we leave a question in NEET?

     Ans. It will be considered as an unattempted question and no marks will be given.

3. Should I attempt all questions in NEET?

     Ans. It is not mandatory to attempt all questions. You must answer the questions on which you are confident. No random guesses.

4. What are the minimum passing marks for the NEET exam?

    Ans. General Category cut-off 138/720 ( 50th percentile) and for SC/ST/OBC- 137-108 (40th percentile).

5. Has anyone got negative marks in NEET?

     Ans. Yes, some students got zero or even negative marks in the NEET exam.

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