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Best Strategies on How to Prepare for NEET Physics 2022

NEET Physics preparation is crucial as it requires a unique NEET Physics strategy and schedule to cover up the syllabus. You know one of the most challenging subjects to prepare for the examination is NEET Physics. It comprises innumerable theoretical concepts and numerical problems as well. Anyway, NEET aspirants require a lot of dedication and focus on preparing physics for the NEET examination.

In this blog, you will find excellent strategies on how to prepare for NEET Physics.

The best way to study Physics for NEET is to give equal importance to the entire syllabus. The NEET aspirants should give due importance to both class 11 and 12 physics syllabus. You should create a timetable and follow it dedicatedly. It helps you not to miss any topic and prepare in a better way. It requires immense knowledge and command over the NEET Physics syllabus to score brilliant marks in the examination. As a NEET aspirant, you can make the most of the below strategies to master all physics concepts and become thorough with numerical problems.

Best Strategies on How to Prepare for NEET Physics

If you study keenly, you will find all the below-mentioned strategies very helpful. They will help you know how to score 180 in Physics NEET. And also how you can gain command over essential physics formulas for NEET. Without further delay, let’s dig deep into the strategies now.

  1. Organising your syllabus systematically

The first and foremost thing, to begin with, is to prepare a chart about all the concepts in your NEET Physics syllabus. And similarly, you can make a chart of all the formulas for solving numerical problems. This way, you can organise your entire physics syllabus chapter wise. The NEET physics syllabus consists of a total of 29 chapters of both class 11 and class 12. 

2. Segregate the chapters as per their weightage

NEET Physics preparation becomes a cakewalk if you study in a planned way. Once you are clear with all the chapters in your syllabus, you must further divide them according to their weightage. This NEET physics strategy will help you to prepare yourself mentally and lower your examination pressure. Below are the critical NEET Physics topics to prepare.

Important topics of NEET Physics

  • Mechanism
  • Optics
  • Waves
  • Modern Physics
  • Electrodynamics
  • Heat and Thermodynamics

3. You have to choose the material wisely

You should not study every book or material that is available handy. You have to choose your material or books very wisely as you are well aware that the primary material for the NEET examination is NCERT. Your main focus should be to learn all the essential concepts and formulas from NCERT books. You can also refer to some important books and materials below.

            Names of Books                      Author
Concepts of PhysicsH.C Verma
Fundamental PhysicsPradeep/Halliday, Resnik and Walker
Objective PhysicsD.C Pandey
Physics for NeetC.P Singh

4. A clear understanding of all the concepts 

It would help if you had a clear picture of all the concepts of NEET physics. If you are clear with the theory, it helps you understand and solve numerical problems. Until and unless you are clear with the concepts, you will not understand numerical problems or solve multiple-choice questions. 

5. Important Physics formulas

Understanding and mastering the physics formulas is a great deal. The best strategy to learn the vital physics formulas for NEET is to prepare a chart of formulas and paste it above your study table. The more you see them, there are better the chances of recollecting and remembering them.

6. Prepare a timetable

To make the most of your time and study accordingly, you have to prepare a timetable. Once you prepare the plan, you have to stick to it. You have to divide your study hours at your convenience. And do not deviate from your schedule. 

5. Practise and solve mock tests

The more you practise, the more there are chances of understanding and retaining the information you have learnt. Please make it a habit of daily practise whatever topics you read. And solving the mock tests will boost your confidence. It also helps you know how well you are aware of all the concepts and formulas. It will also help you to manage your time perfectly and help you to solve the question paper on time. 

All the above strategies and tricks for NEET Physics Preparation will help you to master the subject. It will help you to prepare for the examination systematically. And also, it helps to ward off your fear of the examination.

Pattern of Physics NEET Examination

        SectionTotal No. of Questions        Marks
Section A35 Questions140 marks
Section B15 Questions40 marks
Total50 Questions180 marks

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I start preparing for NEET Physics?

To start preparing for NEET Physics, you should know all the concepts and understand the formulas. Then you have to prepare charts for important topics and formulas. And the primary material should be NCERT. It will help if you prepare a timetable and study accordingly. And do not deviate from your plan: study regularly, practise and revise.

  1. Is Physics in NEET easy?

It depends on you and how well your preparation is. Whether you have followed the right strategy of studying physics. However, it is one of the most challenging subjects of the NEET examination. It consists of 45 questions of a total of 180 marks. Your preparation for the physics syllabus will make a big difference.

  1. How do you get 170 in Physics NEET?

If you follow the right strategy, you can score 170 in physics NEET. You have to set a goal, prepare a timetable, prepare charts of important concepts and formulas, study them thoroughly, practise and solve mock tests.

  1. Is NCERT enough for Physics NEET?

Physics is the most challenging subject to study and excel in it. It requires a lot of dedication and hard work to become aware of the concepts and formulas of physics NEET. It also requires a deep understanding to master the subject and get through the examination. Therefore, studying NCERT physics books will not be sufficient to get through the exam with good marks.

  1. How do I master Physics for NEET?

You can master physics for NEET with the right strategies. You have to study the subject without missing the classes. You have to gain a thorough knowledge of all the concepts and master formulas. You have to revise daily and practise. And also solve mock tests as much as possible.

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