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Are You a NEET Dropper? Here are Some Best NEET Preparation Tips for Droppers

NEET a.k.a National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test is a national level Pre-Medical level test organised for students to pursue Undergraduate Programs like MBBS, BDS, and other such medical courses. 

A NEET Dropper means a person who was unable to pass the NEET examination on the first attempt and is taking a break/leap of 1-2 years to study for it thoroughly. A NEET Dropper then appears for it after the rigorous preparation to clear it the next time. 

NEET Droppers are also called NEET Repeaters as the student who is dropping a year is the same person who re-attempts, i.e., repeats the NEET examination. Thus, the other name for such students is NEET Repeaters.

Dropper to Topper in NEET! Below are a few NEET Droppers Success Stories

The story of any student from being a dropper to topper in NEET is like a journey of a traveler who has a long way to go to reach destiny and finds plenty of roadblocks to hinder the goal. 

One of the most heard/read NEET Dropper success stories is of Kriti Agarwal who stood true to the phrases like “Do not give up!” and “Try and try again!”. She faced failure three consecutive times in her attempt to clear AIPMT examination in 2012, 2013, 2014. Even then she did not let her morale down and worked harder to succeed in the next NEET examination. Today, she is a remarkable student at Topiwala National Medical College, Mumbai. 

If you want to know more about Kriti Agarwal’s journey from NEET dropper to topper, click here.

Another such success story of NEET dropper to topper is of Rishav Mishra who after scoring low in NEET examination in 2016, dropped for a year to give time to self-study and efficient practice. He reappeared in the 2017 NEET examination and took a step forward towards his dream of becoming a doctor.

Recent success story of a NEET dropper to topper is of Tathagata Panja, a dedicated student who appeared three times and finally cracked the NEET examination in 2021 with his hard-work and determination. If you want to read his success story, kindly visit the click the link.

Five Best NEET Preparation Tips for Droppers

Each and every student wishes to become one of the above people who can become a success story and inspire others. If you are one of them, this blog presents you with the Five Best NEET Preparation Tips for Droppers to climb the ladder and be a NEET Topper.

  1. Evaluate your prior NEET score

When you are unsuccessful in cracking an exam, the first priority is to evaluate the paper and see where you went wrong. Tally your examination answers to the correct ones and find out what are your weak points. The topics for which your answers were incorrect. Once you find this out, it is easier to analyse your mistakes in preparation as well.

  1. Analyse the mistakes in your preparation the last time

After the first step, it is easy to analyse the places where you lacked in preparation or where you need to be more thorough. You can easily identify your strengths and weakness which aids you to make a better study plan for NEET and also make a decision about choosing between self-study and coaching.

  1. Draw a Time-Table to have an organised study plan for NEET

It is a very significant step towards success as a student. Prepare a time-table to form a proper study plan for NEET as there is a lot of syllabus to cover. Usually, the students who fail such examinations are often the ones without a time-table. A time-table is a necessity as a NEET dropper to keep a track of the covered and uncovered portion of the syllabus. It also helps you in giving the required time for each topic you need to study. 

A timetable for NEET droppers without coaching is especially a must. They have to be very careful while preparing a study plan for NEET, as self-study can make the exam a bit more brain-storming for them than for a student taking the coaching. But no need to stress, these days online consultants, online mock tests, YouTube videos, etc. have made it easier to prepare for the NEET without coaching. 

  1. Keep a positive and strong attitude at being a NEET dropper

The primary thing we ought to understand is that being a NEET dropper is not wrong or shameful. Rather than feeling embarrassed, the NEET droppers should be proud of their dedication to prepare to achieve and not lose hope by accepting the failure as a setting stone. Stay positive, don’t let failure lower your self-esteem and cause you to lose faith in yourself. Keep trying and you will achieve success.

  1. After preparation, keep practicing through different mock tests 

Once you have covered all the topics and are done with preparation, don’t think the journey is over. More is left to do! Best way to analyse your level of preparation is to do the previous exam papers and mock test papers. Buy or download them and keep practicing till the day of your exam as you will keep getting better and better. 

The journey from being a NEET dropper to topper is a long one but not impossible to travel. Follow these tips, stay motivated and determined, you will succeed in cracking the NEET examination.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is a dropper student?

A dropper student is a person who has dropped and taken a gap to prepare for any competitive examination because of being unsuccessful in the first attempt.

2. How many hours should a dropper study for NEET?

No one can define the hours for a student to study as it depends solely on the student and how much time it takes them to cover the syllabus with full understanding. 

3. Is it easy for droppers to crack NEET?

It is relatively easy for droppers to crack NEET if they use their time wisely while preparing. 

4. How do NEET droppers stay motivated? 

Focus on the positive aspects of re-appearing in the NEET exam. Being a NEET dropper gives you a prior idea of how to plan and prepare better and you experience it first-hand. Also, dropping for a while and trying again is better than losing hope and not trying again. Failure is a definite road to success, if taken the right way.

5. Is Repeating a good option for NEET?

Yes, if you aspire to become a doctor, repeating is surely the best option for students appearing for the NEET examination.

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