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How to Study Chemistry for NEET 2022 and Score High Marks

NEET is the only medical entrance examination in India for all aspiring candidates. If NEET aspirants want to score big in this examination, they should be focused. Especially if you want to know how to prepare chemistry for NEET, you are at the right place. It would be best if you did not get distracted or diverted because of the immense pressure of the exam. Here, in this blog, you will get to know how to study chemistry for NEET 2022. Therefore, free your mind of all the doubts and fears about the Chemistry NEET exam.

We will let you know about the best strategies on how to study chemistry for the NEET exam. With the fantastic chemistry tricks for NEET that we are going to reveal, you will score big. You will learn about the critical topics, some basic concepts of chemistry, best books, etc. If you read till the end, you will get to know helpful and vital tips on how to study chemistry for NEET. Now let’s get into the strategies of how to prepare chemistry for NEET.

Tips on How to Study Chemistry for NEET 2022

Overview of the Chemistry Syllabus 

Chemistry is one of the most challenging subjects of the NEET examination. However, a deep focus on some basic chemistry concepts, solving and revising important NEET questions, preparing chemistry short notes for NEET etc., will help you a lot in the exam preparation. The syllabus of NEET chemistry contains three sections as Physical chemistry, Organic chemistry, and Inorganic chemistry. Chemistry is one of the highest-scoring subjects. If you prepare for the examination systematically, then you can score high marks in it. It is not as complicated as you feel.

The weightage of chemistry in the NEET examination is 25%. If you study with focus, there are chances of scoring high marks in Chemistry for NEET. There are 45 chemistry questions in the NEET examination. You can achieve as per your preparation and your hold on chemistry. 

Chemistry NEET Pattern

Chemistry SectionNumber of QuestionsMarks
Section A35 questions140
Section B 15 questions40
    Total50 questions180

Essential Topics to Focus on Chemistry for NEET 

It will help if you give due importance to the NEET chemistry topics below to excel in the exam. It will help if you prepare for the examination based on the importance of the topics. Before starting to prepare for the chemistry for NEET, you should plan it well.

Some basic principles of Organic Chemistry Mole Concept and Molar Masses
Stoichiometric Calculations
Chemical Bonding and Molecular StructureValence Bond Theory
The valence shell electron pair repulsion theory
Atomic StructureBohr model for Hydrogen Atom
Quantum Mechanical Model of Atom
EquilibriumThe ionisation of Acids and Bases
Solubility Equilibria of Sparingly Soluble Salts
SolutionsIdeal and Non-ideal Solutions
Colligative Properties
Coordination CompoundsBonding in Coordination compounds
Stability of Coordination Compounds
Alcohols, Phenols and EthersProperties of Alcohols and properties of Phenols
Some Basic Principles and TechniquesIsomerism and Fundamental Concepts in organic Reaction Mechanism

Essential Books You Should Study to Solve NEET Chemistry Questions Easily

These are some of the best books you should study well. These books will help you to understand the topics of chemistry well. You can choose the books as per your understanding. What matters is how comfortably you know the topics. The more you understand, the more you retain the information.

How to Prepare Chemistry for NEET 2022

Without getting deviated and defocused from your goal, you can prepare for the NEET chemistry exam. You should follow a healthy routine while preparing for the exam. And also should sleep at least for 6 to 7 hours daily. And last but not least, you should practise meditation or pray at least for 10 minutes daily. This practice will increase your concentration and focus. And it also helps you to destress.

  1. Plan your daily routine. Prepare a timetable and follow it.
  2. It would help if you did not get distracted or deviate from your plan.
  3. Prepare a chart for the chemistry syllabus.
  4. Make another chart for important topics.
  5. Practise and solve mock tests as much as possible.
  6. Do not read new chapters or follow many books or materials.
  7. Don’t make any last-minute changes to your plan.
  8. Sticking to your plan will boost your confidence.

If you follow all the above tips for preparing for the NEET chemistry exam, then there are incredible chances of you excelling in the examination. Do not overburden yourself by thinking a lot. If you prepare in a planned manner. You will score high marks. We wish you good health and lots of luck in preparing for the chemistry for the NEET exam.

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