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How to Prepare For NEET from Class 11

How to Prepare for NEET from Class 11?

In this article, we are going to discuss various strategies and tips for the NEET exam to help you efficiently prepare right from class 11. This will help medical aspirants like you to crack the entrance examination and secure a seat in your preferred institute. 

Your mind might be filled with NEET questions such as should I start preparing for NEET from Class 11? When or what is the right time? However, the truth is there is no such fixed time or age for medical entrance exam preparation. Ideally, it is said that students can start preparing from their class 11 so that they can have a solid beginning with enough time for preparing for the exams. Moreover, the syllabus taught in 11th and 12th is going to help in the later advanced learning phase of the student.

Decoding the Exam Syllabus 

Decoding the syllabus is a key NEET preparation strategy that every medical aspirant must implement before appearing for the entrance test. Since most of the medical entrance exams are most possibly based on the NCERT syllabus, it will definitely help you have an edge for clearing the exams.

Learning from the NCERT Books

Well, you can start by learning from the NCERT study materials that are common for both your 11th class and NEET exams. It will make your learning process optimized and easy to follow. This way, you can save time and prepare for the areas in the exams that are not covered in your regular class. In short, by following your NCERT textbooks, you cross the halfway barrier to understanding the major areas of the exam. In addition to that, the pictorial questions in the exams are obtained directly from the textbook. 

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NEET Study Plan to Crack the Exam

books for neet exam preparation

Another important trait that is helpful while preparing for the NEET examination is setting a fixed and consistent time to study. Identify the time in your day when you feel the most active, comfortable, and focused. Focus your study time during this period, as it will help you have enhanced concentration levels. Whether you study in the morning or at night does not really matter as long as you are able to reach your daily set learning targets. Once this process is maintained you can create a study timetable for class 11 NEET and follow it regularly.

Understand the NEET Concepts Deeply

Is self-study enough for NEET? Having a deep understanding of the concepts is necessary for clearing the NEET exams. You must be well versed in both theoretical as well as the practical side of the subject. Whenever you feel you are stuck somewhere or you have any doubts in your mind you should consult with your teacher and have them resolve your doubts immediately. Practice solving questions as much as you can since time management and pattern of solving questions is crucial for acing the exam.

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Analyze And Follow Previous Year’s Question Papers

The best way to prepare for NEET is to analyze the previous year’s question papers. It will help you gain better and valuable insights into the pattern of the questions and the nature of the questions. This way you can prepare for the questions that are expected to come up on your exam date. You can also observe if there are any noticeable changes in the exam trends over the years. The more exam papers you solve, the more confidence you will gain in preparing for your big exam day.

In this article, we have seen some of the best tips for the NEET exam. Ensure that you try to include them in your learning routine and meaningfully advance your NEET preparation. All the best!


1. How many hours should a NEET student study in class 11?

Even though the exact study hours required vary for each student, it is advised to study for approximately 8-10 hours. 

2. Can I crack neet exam even I have not studied class 11 well?

Yes, you may crack NEET without studying for 11th since the Class 12th mark sheet is considered for NEET registration. However, it will help you prepare from the early stages to perform well in the exam.

3. Can 11 std student can give NEET exam for practice only?

No. Candidates must have completed until 12th class for being eligible for NEET.

4. What is the mode of the NEET 2021 exam?

NEET 2021 is a pen-paper exam held at authorized exam centers.

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