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30 Days NEET Study Planner to Boost Your NEET 2022 Preparation

The NEET exam is a highly recognized entrance exam for all students wanting to appear for the MBBS, BDS ,BAMS, BSMS, BUMS, BHMS courses. It stands for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET).  NEET is one of the toughest entrance exams. And it requires hardcore preparation. Although it is essential to start preparing for the NEET at the earliest, some students look for a short study timetable. If you are one of them, this article can fulfill the cause. You can crack the NEET exam if you strictly stick to this 30 days NEET timetable. Let’s go through it.

Possibility to Crack NEET in 30 Days

It is said, “It is never too late to start afresh.” This holds true for NEET preparation. You can prepare and clear the NEET entrance exam in 30 days. You need to draft a well-planned strategy and give your best to it. Nothing and nobody can stop you to achieve this goal if you fully devote yourself in the last 1 month.

Things to Keep in Mind Before 30 Days Plan

After you are done with your board examination, you are left barely with 30-40 days for NEET preparation. You need to plan each day in such a manner that you have at least 8-10 hours for studying. For state board students, you will need to put in extra effort because your course covers only a 70% portion of NEET

Where do you need to Focus?

You need to have an understanding of the previous year papers. Focus on more practice and concept clearance.

Overall Coverage

You cannot put all your eggs in one basket. You can’t solely focus on biology and leave the other two- Physics and Chemistry. Divide your plan on a priority basis. Give more time to the high weightage topics, but do not completely leave the other ones.

Choose the Study Material Wisely

The last 30 days are very crucial. Do not deviate towards too many books and end up with nothing. It is better to focus on some books and master them. NCERT books, previous years questions papers, multiple-choice question banks and some small revisionary videos for concept clarity- these are sufficient

Study Plan for Last 30 Days

Now we come to the main topic- The Study Plan. 

  1. As mentioned above, it is a must to study for a minimum of 10 hours. You have to, there is no other option. Success has no shortcuts.
  2. All three subjects are divided into 24 topics each. You need to devote 3 hours to each subject and revise each topic. End your day and start your next day with revision. To clear NEET exams in 1 month, you need to brush up on your concepts frequently.
  3. Practice the test for the topics that you have completed.
  4. Make short and handy notes on all the topics. This will assist you in the last minute revision.
  5. Stick to the schedule. If you feel that some portion of any topic is left, leave it for a while. You have an extra hour in a day. Complete the remaining portion in that buffer time.
  6. Spent your last week solving the maximum mock test papers. It will help you sharpen your weaker portions. Analyse your answers. This will help you boost your confidence. 
  7. Take mini-breaks. A 5-10 minutes break will rejuvenate your energy to do better.
  8. It is more important to strengthen what you have already learnt than to start a new topic at the end. It can cost your results.

Follow these points, prepare your strategy, break it down into a small plan of action and see the results. You will never look back.

Some Health Tips

You might think, what is the point of discussing health in exam’s preparation. But it is a  very much important yet neglected part of your schedule. You must take good care of your health- Both physical and mental.

For Physical Health: Drink lots of water, eat healthy food, get sufficient sleep, avoid junk food and do 20 minutes of yoga.

For Mental Health: Stay Positive. You cannot decide your results but you can mend the actions that will give you positive results. Stay away from negative thoughts and negative people. Stay Calm and focus all your thoughts on giving your best.


  1. How to crack NEET in 1 month?

      Ans. Follow the tips mentioned in the article and you will crack the NEET exam.

  1. How do I prepare for  NEET in the last 30 days?

     Ans. Stick to the schedule. Follow the strategy. Study 10-12 hours daily.

  1. Can I crack NEET biology in 10 days?

     Ans. Yes.

  1. What should I do 10 days before NEET?

    Ans. Practice test papers. Revise what you have studied already. Avoid anxiety and depression.

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