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6 Perfect Tips to Crack the NEET examination in Two-Year Study Plan

Are you planning to crack the NEET exams but are unsure how to start and study with a perfect timetable. In this blog, you will learn some Neet 2022-2023 strategies that prove to be the best guidance to prepare for NEET. In addition, you will learn some methods to organize a two-year study plan for an upcoming exam. Some pointers should be kept in mind while planning.

1. Take guidance from teachers

The more you research NEET studies, the more you get knowledge about how to start. Starting self-studies can be a suitable method, but you will find some tangles that are difficult to loosen up when you move forward. During that time, consult your tutors to get the best suggestions and advice on different subjects. 

2. Starting as early as possible

One of the most commonly asked questions is “When should I start preparing for NEET,”?. The optimal period for NEET preparation is a few days after one has completed their class 10 examinations. However, you may get the best results in NEET if you invest your two years with lots of effort. 

3. Customize your study plan

Instead of creating an unachievable objective, center and adapt yourself around a study strategy that supports you in achieving it. Your plan must support your timetable and learning rate. Personalize it using the following criteria

  1. Cover your curriculum with segregation on which subject to be studied on which day. 
  2. Now you have decided to study the NEET. Focus on the availability of time to prepare yourself. Never stress yourself to learn more. Give space to other activities.
  3. Give more time to complex subjects. In case of queries, “Google It,” or try to search online tutors who can resolve your enquiries on the spot. 
  4. Prioritizing the topics according to the weightage of the topics. Revise the things that you have learned a day before. Make a flow in the learning to know what to start next. 
  5. Test your learning by attempting some online tests. You will get confidence with these attempts. Allot Saturday and Sunday as the days to test yourself. 

4. Understand the syllabus and exam pattern

Students who are taking NEET must be familiar with the material and the format of the exam. With plenty of time on your hands, extensively analyze and scrutinize these research components to devise a two-year strategy.

5. Selecting the mode of study

You can either learn by yourself through or through a book. One of the best methods of learning is from books and then with e-learning mode. This will help you in concreting what you have read from books. NCERT should be your starting point. NCERT questions feature in 75-80 percent of the question paper, either directly or indirectly. Ensure that the content and syllabus utilized in e-learning options/portals are up to date and specified by the NTA (National Testing Agency), the NEET’sNEET’s governing organization.

Some important tips while preparing for NEET

NCERT is not to be misunderstood or underestimated because of its simplicity. It serves as the foundation for framing NEET questions. When you have two years to prepare, it appears like there is a lot of time to study but it’s not true. You will begin to realize the significance of NEET after you have a grasp of the curriculum and a sense of its intricacy. Begin preparing as soon as possible. Do not attempt to multitask. Concentrate on one area of the preparation process at a time. When looking for the same piece of information, don’t go to too many different areas. Avoid focusing on one topic for NEET, which is commonly Biology because of its simplicity. Both physics and chemistry are equally important. 


1. How can I score 700 in NEET 2023?

To achieve a score of 700 or above, you must excel in all of your specific topics and put in a lot of practice time. Make quick notes on subjects so you may review them before the tests.

2. Is a 2-year drop good for NEET?

Many people have the great desire to become doctors, causing them to decide to take a year off to prepare. As a result, the number of applicants who take a year off to prepare for NEET is higher than the number of candidates who take a year off to study for engineering entrance exams.

3. How can I make a NEET study plan?

Getting up early will give you a leg up on the competition. Early in the morning, try to finish the topic that you find hardest. You should have a proper study plan. Revision is as important as studying, so allocate a specific time for revision every day. It will be best if you are the master of the NCERT syllabus from classes 11 & 12.

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