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Best Books for NEET Exam Preparation:Physics, Chemistry & Biology

Books are the best friends and play a vital role in your life. Obtaining the Best Books for any competitive examination is like finding the right institution with the right career opportunity.  Choosing the right books and the right preparation strategy make your career journey easy.

Several books are available in the market for NEET exam preparation. Picking the best book for NEET 2022-23 is one of the essential parts of your preparation. 

Do you know which are the best books for NEET exam preparation?

Are you a student preparing for the Neet examination and struggling to find the best books?

A good list of best books for the NEET exam that has been recommended by experts and toppers is available in this article. 

Check them out! 

What is NEET?

NEET stands for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test’. The exam is conducted for admissions in UGs medical colleges throughout India. It is a multiple-choice question-based exam. You have to choose the right answer among four options.

The subjects you have to focus on during Neet include-

 Physics (45 questions),

 Chemistry ( 45 questions)

 Biology-Botany + Zoology ( 90 questions). 

The syllabus divided these subjects from standard 11th and 12th.

Which Book is Best for NEET 2022-23?

Every student who wants to crack the NEET examination with the highest marks has to start their preparations from NCERTs.NCERT is the best. You can understand the concepts from NCERT Text Books. You can revise & rerevise the portions. Many questions come from NCERT textbooks. Practice and have an in-depth from NCERT first. If you are preparing from a state board, you can proceed to study from your state board textbooks.

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Best Books for NEET Exam Preparation – Physics

PHYSICS Name of the book AuthorBook will be best for
NCERT Textbooks (for Class XI and XII) NCERT expertsMany questions are being asked directly from.
Concepts of physics (Vol. 1 and 2) H.C Verma.Quality problems on all topics
MTG Complete NEET Guide Physics  For practicing problems and studying detailed solutions.
Objective Physics for NEET – Vol. 1 and 2   DC PandeyFor practicing problems and study detailed solutions
Fundamentals of Physics Halliday, Resnick & WalkerExcellent Concepts and tough problems of all the topics
Best Physics books for NEET preparation

Best Books for NEET Exam Preparation – Chemistry

CHEMISTRY Name of the book AuthorBook will be best for
NCERT Textbooks (for Class XI and XII ) NCERT expertsMany questions are being asked directly from the NCERT textbook
MTG Complete NEET Guide Chemistry –For practicing problems and study detailed solutions
Organic ChemistryMorrison Boyd & Bhattacharjee Refer to this book once you are done with the above books or want to practice more
Modern Approach to Physical Chemistry 1 R.C.MukherjeeFor the practice of solving physical chemistry Numericals.
Modern Approach to Physical Chemistry II: Structure and Chemical Dynamics: Vol. 2  R.C.Mukherjee and V. BhadauriaFor the practice of solving physical chemistry Numericals 
Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations R.C.MukherjeeGood for quantitative chemistry problems.
Best chemistry books for NEET preparation

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Best Books for NEET Exam Preparation – Biology

BIOLOGY Name of the book Author Book will be best for
NCERT Biology Class XI and XII textbook NCERT experts Many questions are being asked directly from the NCERT textbook 
Objective Biology for NEET, Vol 1, Vol 2 and Vol 3  Dinesh Good Collection of questions
Biology by Trueman Vol 1 and Vol 2 Covers basics & NCERT syllabus, contains 10000+ MCQ questions
Objective Botany Ansari Good Collection of questions
Objective Biology Vol 1 and Vol 2 PradeepGood Collection of questions 
GRB Objective Biology G R Bathla publications Vol 1 and Vol 2  Good collection of questions, the level of problems has gradually increased avoiding jumps and accumulation of similar problems
Best Biology books for NEET preparation

How to study for the NEET Exam?

Recognizing various books online and recommended by your colleagues, teacher, or mentors can sometimes be confusing. But don’t try to let this happen in your preparation.

Don’t collect too many books– Buying several books can’t make you confident, may also confuse and leave your preparation in mid. Buying a large number of books can be heavy on your pocket too. Instead, begin with what you have. Start with NCERT or another good book(any one of the books listed above). Start by spending close attention to the fundamental concepts and studying a few of the topics from them.

NCERT is the best- You can start your NEET Preparation by thoroughgoing the portions in NCERT.

Mock Test- You have to attend 2 or 3 Mock Tests every week. It helps to identify and analyze your level of preparation,.

Query from Books-  Books from the institution libraries have probably helped you in NEET. Try to take any of the books from your library. But don’t jump onto various books before completing the practice from the books you already have.

Create a strategy – Studying books and making notes is just a small part of your preparations. You need to make a perfect strategy to score better compared to others and need to recognize the topics in which you need to focus more and ensure that you don’t waste too much time in solving one question.

Practice Right Set: NEET exam is essentially based on the NCERT syllabus but needs higher-order thinking skills. So, it is important to practice the questions which match the difficulty level of NEET.

Clear your doubt: You just make sure to clear your all doubts before your Neet exam.

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You can crack the NEET exam if your preparation goes on the right path. You can choose the correct books and resources to crack the NEET 2022 and 2023 exams. Be confident and focused on your goals.

All the best.

1.Which subject is best for NEET?

You have to focus on all three subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology). Even though more questions are from Biology. So you should give special attention to biology.

2. How do you qualify for NEET in your first attempt? 

You can qualify for the NEET examination on the first attempt,
You have a right preparation strategy
You have the right book for NEET preparation.
You don’t feel pressured and just be yourself.
You focused on your goal.