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Stress Management In Children

Stress Management in Children

“I could not become anything in life.

I am a useless one where everyone has viewed me as a pile of rubbish.

It will be better to end this life for my family and me to relieve themselves from a burden.” 

These heartbreaking lines are from the suicide note of Niranjan, a 10th standard student, the son of an established doctor couple. His elder sister was a medico in AIIMS, Delhi. This unfortunate incident was that he couldn’t score much better marks in-class tests and model exams in school and practice exams for NEET entrance, and he couldn’t manage his stress and took the worst decision.

It’s shocking, and how does a 15-year-old one can think about suicide?

Niranjan can be anyone among teenagers. 

Think to yourself that your child is in place of Niranjan.

Don’t be upset.

It is a reality in this busy world. 

No use in screaming, but you can avoid it by adequately understanding your child.

Dear Parent Here’s the best & authentic way to address stress management in children.

Teenage is a crucial period in life. Most of them in this age group may think like Niranjan, mainly when they face high pressure on education from their parents.

Do you ever think about the mental & physical constraints facing your child rather than his/her progress report?

Your child’s age is also notable for developing mood swings and physiological and psychological changes in the body. Any factor affecting children’s mood like Niranjan-it may be family, friends, society, teachers, or one’s mind- will become a determinant in their future life.

The pressure from parents, teachers, and friends comparison with best-performing peers and managing entrance exam coaching along with schooling are some issues that may throw your children into deep mental stress, depression, and substance misuse, even the extreme one-suicide.

Of course, the same age is crucial to lay the foundation to build both a career and life. So, your child must have the best environment for his/her best future and should have the ability to manage mental constraints.

Becoming a doctor or engineer by joining prestigious institutes like IITs, NITs, AIIMS, etc., are nowadays an average ambition in every family. The seats are limited, and the competition is also the toughest.

Even though a sort of intelligence along with much hard work are enough to achieve such goals. But, for applying both in preparation strategy and moving forward smoothly, your child should primarily possess a healthy mind with perseverance. 

As said earlier, several factors can lead the mind of a teenager into mental depression. So, treating them with appropriate nourishment can be fruitful at the end of the day.

The schools, teachers, coaching institutes, and the curriculum give importance to memory-based approaches to byheart some facts in the book and reproduce them in exam halls. 

The real task is handling the mental pressure to address the questions with one’s understanding. It requires stress-relieving learning methods for the students to complete the journey on a smooth path. Each child has different positive sides and abilities that should be nurtured and has some negatives that should be rectified. 

It’s obvious that you are busy and you couldn’t have the time to manage the day-to-day affairs of your child.

So here we are, ready to mold your child and refresh him\her with a relaxed learning atmosphere.

Our optimum performance programs help to relax from external pressure and prioritize questions in the exam hall according to difficulty level and alleviate tension.

We train the students to develop an attitudinal change towards preparation than by hearting it. Whatever the students know or store in their brains is never matters if they can attend questions correctly in the 3 hours exam held one or two times a year. 

The lengthy preparation for years from high school, which leads your and your child’s dreams, will give results by only concentrating on this 3 hr exam without any disturbance.

Frequent practice in a real exam environment with the help of a teacher and a counselor will relieve the fear and leave tensions due to low marks like Niranjan.

Our stress management program is handled by professional psychiatrists or therapists,  a customized individual-based approach to help your child achieve success.  It should attend to each student personally and should address their problems on an individual basis. We provide your child with both counselors and teachers. By analyzing the child’s capability, they will help choose the best career options and achieve it in flying colors.

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