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Online Classes Are Essential for Your Success, Read This to Find Out Why

The year 2020 was a turning point in every aspect of human life and society.

It brought many changes like technology, the health system, education, and all parts of daily life. The reason for this change is a hard one; as you know, it is Covid 19 pandemic.

The changes made are irreversible. The more important thing is the change in perspective towards life and technology during this period.

The impact in the field of education is unparalleled.

The innovative solutions in the learning process are not new to us. The impact of technology in education is initiated from the Edusat satellite and now, as you know, it is advancing through online education and the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence.


The Covid 19 and the lockdown are the only reasons to bring online classes again into the discussion. During the lockdown, actually we saw the reinvigoration of popularisation of already existing online learning methods.

As the proverb said, “necessity is the mother of invention.”

Everything was shut down during those days, but education and learning should have to be continued. In these times, the importance of online programs is increasing as new risk factors like diseases arising at present and expecting severe ones in the future. Accordingly, the world is leaning towards innovations and virtual solutions.

Considering the rising importance of online learning, just think why do people usually select classroom methods other than going online?

It is due to a lack of understanding of the potential of online learning. Smartphones and tablets are common these days, and even in this covid time, the attitude towards online learning hardly changes.

You can check some of the advantages of online education.

1. Time

Firstly, it is less time-consuming. In the modern world, all of us know the value of time.

It is more precious than money.

The commutation time of students can be saved to use for innovative self-learning.

The time of teachers and parents also can be saved. The teachers can improve their teaching ability using this time. Also, the parents don’t have to not rush in the traffic block to reach the schools to bring their children up and down.

2. Safety

The second one is safety. Every parent is considering the safety of their children along with the time. If they fail to reach school in time to bring back their children or the children are late for some minutes to get home, the tension will be mounted, especially in the case of girls.

It is just human nature during such days where there is a lack of safety for our children.

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3. Technology

The third advantage of online education is its limitless technological opportunities by incorporating various innovative solutions in learning.

Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), using Artificial Intelligence (AI), and animated videos can be used in understanding the concepts of science and maths.

The various theories in science and topics like geometry in maths which require much imagination can be well explained by using these innovative methods in online classes.

All of us know the difficulties and limitations of teachers in explaining such topics in classrooms. The live class gives the opportunity to ask any doubts without any hesitation as it is in the real classroom.

You can hear and see in clarity, meaning there are no front or backbenchers. Everyone is equally involved in the learning process.

4. Read, Recollect and Revise (Success Mantra)

The fourth one is the ability to recollect and revise topics in a simple way. The online class can be saved, and this saved copy is useful in repeated watching. The difficult portion for a student can be simply learned by watching the recorded copy of the corresponding class several times.

5. Fresh and Energetic

The last one is that it is able to keep the children fresh and energetic all through the classes. No spending of time and energy for travel and no hurry in the morning to reach school avoiding breakfast. They will get all vitamins and a balanced diet to keep them healthy in their teenage years.

The advantages are limitless and can’t explain in words but have to be experienced.

However, everyone has some fear about online technologies and privacy concerns as in every other field like online banking and business. The important thing is that online learning is not risky if you are careful like any other internet activity.

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