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National Talent Search Examination (NTSE)

National  Talent search Examination (NTSE) is a national-level scholarship program in India. This is conducted by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). 

NTSE aims to recognize student’s academic potential based on concepts learned in school.

This scholarship program is scientifically designed for students of class 10th.

Every year Close to 300,000 students appear in this scholarship exam and  1,000 scholarships are awarded, out of which 775 are not reserved.

NTSE Exams

NTSE  is a very prestigious exam in India and it is conducted in two stages. Stage 1 and stage 2.

The only students who qualify in NTSE Stage 1 will be eligible to appear in the Stage 2 exam, conducted by the NCERT.

  Stage 1: State-level examination 

 Stage 2: National-level examination

To qualify for Stage-II, students need to secure 40% (General/OBC category) and 32% (SC/ST/Physically challenged) respectively in the Mental ability test (MAT)and Scholastic Aptitude test ( SAT) in Stage-I examination.

Stage 1

The stage 1 exam is a state-level exam and it is conducted by all the  Indian states and UTs.

The state-level examination has two parts.

1. Mental ability test (MAT)–   It includes a variety of questions about analogies classification, series, pattern perception, hidden figures, coding-decoding, block assembly, etc. 

       The concept of this test is to calculate the reasoning power, judgment ability, and spatial orientation of the students.

2.  Scholastic Aptitude test ( SAT)-  This test contains multiple questions.  This aims at the practical thinking and reasoning ability of the students.

Stage 2

Stage 2 exam is conducted by NCERT.  In this test, each correctly answered question earns the candidate one mark while an incorrect answer deducts 1/3 marks.  

This test is for testing the student’s mental abilities, languages, scholastic aptitudes, and social science.

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How to prepare for NTSE

National talent search examination (NTSE) is a talent-based scholarship program for students who want to pursue higher education in Science and Social Studies streams. 

It’s a great honor for students who will be considered talented by NTSE

Students who want to crack this prestigious exam should follow all the guidelines and important tips.

There are some helpful preparations tips mentioned below :

Go through the NTSE  syllabus

Students need to understand the  NTSE syllabus before preparing for the exams. NTSE has provided all the important topics and reference points related to the exams. Students can easily go through it and get complete insights into all the subjects and the types of questions

Schedule a time-table

Students must have a scheduled timetable for the preparations for the exams.  Divide the units going through the syllabus.  Mark all the important topics and study properly by following the timetable.

Follow NTSE best books

It is essential to follow the best NTSE  books to get good study material. Follow NCERT books of class 9th and 10th for NTSE exams. For some concepts in biology, refer NCERT Class XI Biology textbook (only portions that are relevant to IX and X class curriculum). It’s important to study the Social Studies NCERT book for the exam.

Analyze your weak and strong and weak points

Students need to analyze their weak and strong points while preparing for the NTSE exams. For example, if you are strong in mathematics and science but average in language and weak in social science,  in that case, you can turn your weak points into strong ones to get good scores overall.

Practice sample papers

Sample papers are very important for NTSE exam preparations. There are so many  NTSE sample papers available on the internet. Practice previous years’ question papers and sample papers to know your speed and pattern of the exam.

Maintain discipline

Discipline is required to prepare for the exams. With a lack of consistency, you won’t be able to grab the knowledge and work on your skills.

Self-practice is key

The most important tip for the students to crack the NTSE exam is to do more practice and self-study. Solve more questions on mental abilities. Follow your teachers’ suggestions and work on them on a regular basis.  The more you will practice, the better you will be prepared for the exam.


As NTSE exams include most of the syllabus from the 9th and 10th standard, candidates must go through all the relevant topics and NCERT books and revise thoroughly.

Strengthen  your MAT  section

The MAT section tests your mental ability. And it’s important to give sufficient time for this part.

Work on  SAT section-

Students must read some good general knowledge books. While preparing for the NTSE exams follow relevant books for out-of-the-course questions as well.

NTSE Syllabus

NTSE has not prescribed a syllabus for the exams. Though this exam is based on the syllabus of class 9th and 10th.

Apart from it a booklet called ‘Learn about the Test’ containing sample items for both the tests, MAT and SAT is available in print on the  NCERT website.

NTSE Registration

Students can register for the NTSE examination through the official website and click on ‘Apply for NTSE’.  

They can register through their school or by collecting the application form from the Liaison’s office as well.

How to apply 

As mentioned above students can apply for NTSE  through both offline or online mode. NTSE exam is conducted through the respective state/UT. 

  Students can fill the application forms distributed by the school administration. Or they can obtain a  from the Liaison Office and submit it before the deadline.

What is the use of the NTSE exam?

 The National talent search examination is a national-level scholarship program. it is held for identifying aspiring and talented students in  Science and social studies streams. This is eligible only for the students of class 10th.

A student with an NTSE scholarship can directly take entry into any college.  Qualified candidates get more preference in government jobs and they get help while appearing for interviews in jobs. 

NTSE exam date

NTSE Exams Stage 1 is conducted in December 2021 and Stage 2 is conducted in  June 2022.

NTSE Mock test

NTSE mock test helps students to analyze their preparation regarding subjects. By practicing mock series students can easily get better at time management and solving questions.

Mock tests help students to practice more that is important for cracking the exam.


  1. What is the NTSE exam for ?

 NTSE or National Talent Search Examination is a national-level scholarship program. The idea of this exam is to identify talented students who want to pursue their careers in science and social science. This scholarship is only for students studying in class 10th.

  1. What is the benefit of giving  NTSE?

Once you get an NTSE scholarship you can easily pass the entry exam for further college admission. An NTSE scholar gets more preference in government exams and benefits in job interviews as well.

  1. Who is eligible for NTSE exams?

Candidates who are studying in class 10th are eligible for this exam. Students of class 9th with 60% and more are also eligible for NTSE exams.

  1. Is NTSE only for class 10th?

Yes, only students who are studying in class 10th are eligible for NTSE. 

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