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JEST Exam 2022 Comprehensive Guide – Admit Card, Syllabus, Exam Date, and More

Joint Entrance Screening Test (Jest) is a National Eligibility Test: It is a test by the Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB). Jest is conducted jointly by many renowned institutes such as IISER, IISc, etc. Graduates look forward to writing the Jest exam every year. If you wonder what the Jest exam is for, then the answer is, it allows admission to Ph.D. and Int. Ph.D. programs of different participating institutes. The Jest examination is for physics and theoretical computer science/neuroscience only. 

One of the most significant advantages of qualifying for the JEST exam is, you can apply to the top institutions in India for an integrated MSc.Ph.D. or Ph.D. program in the physics field. It provides you with a gateway to research programs in physics at the premier research institutions in India. The research institutes offer research fellowships to the selected candidates depending on their selection process and requirements.

JEST Exam Date 2022

Sunday, March 13, 2022, is scheduled for the Joint Entrance Screening Test or Jest exam 2022. Jest application forms are available online from 15th December 2021. The online registration and application portal are open. The last date for submitting online applications and payments is January 18, 2022. Students can appear for the Jest exam 2022 at one of the exam centers.

JEST Eligibility Criteria for 2022

If you want to know who can apply for the Jest exam? Here are the Jest eligibility criteria of admission to M.Sc, Ph. D and integrated M. Sc/ M. Tech and Ph. D programs in the participating institutes.

  • For Ph. D Physics: The candidates must pass M. Sc degree in Physics from any recognized institute or university (for all the participating institutes). Some institutes also accept B. E/ B. Tech/ M.Sc/ M. E/ M. Tech in Applied Physics and Mathematics.
  • Theoretical Computer Science at IMSc: The candidates must be M. Sc / M. E / M. Tech. in Computer Science and related disciplines. The candidates should be interested in the mathematical aspects of computer science.
  • Ph. D in Computational Biology at IMSC: The candidates must be M. Sc / M. E / M. Tech. / MCA in engineering / science discipline. They should have good mathematical skills and a strong interest in biological problems.
  • Ph. D in Neuroscience at NBRC: The candidates must be M. Sc (physics/mathematics), B. E / B. Tech / M. C. A in Computer Science.
  • Integrated M. Sc / M. Tech – Ph. D Program Physics: The candidates will be considered at NISER if B. Sc (physics or B. E / B. Tech in Engineering with a minimum of first-class marks in Physics. At IISER-Pune, ICTS-TIFR, NCRA-TIFR, and TIFR-TCIS. B. Sc (physics) is considered.
  • Integrated Ph. D Program in Theoretical Computer Science at IMSc: The candidate must be B. Sc. / B. E / B. Tech / M. C. A in Computer Science or related disciplines and also interested in mathematical aspects of computer science.

JEST Application Form 2022 Process

The Jest application form is available online from 15th December 2021. The candidates can fill out the application form online. The candidates should furnish the correct details in the application form without any mistake. They should also upload a scanned passport size photograph and signature. The candidates can submit the documents online at the Jest official website, https://www.jest.org.in/.

Candidates can pay the application fee for the Jest exam online with a debit or credit card. The application fee for the Jest exam 2022 is Rs. 400 for the general category and Rs. 200 for SC /ST / Female category. There is an exemption of application fees for  SC /ST female candidates.  

JEST Admit Card 2022

The candidates can download their JEST exam 2022 admit cards online from the website. The admit cards for Jest 2022 will be released after 31st January 2022.

JEST Syllabus 2022

                            Joint Entrance Screening Test Syllabus 2022

Classical Mechanics  Mathematical Methods
Newton’s LawsVector Algebra and vector calculus
Conservation of Energy and MomentumTensors
CollisionsCurvilinear Coordinate Systems
Generalized CoordinatesLinear Algebra
Principle of Least ActionLinear Differential Equations
Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Formulations of MechanicsElements of Sturm-Liouville Theory
Symmetry and Conservation LawsSpecial Functions
Central Force ProblemComplex Analysis
Kepler ProblemFourier Series and Fourier Transforms
Small Oscillations and normal modesLaplace Transforms
Special Relativity in Classical MechanicsElementary Properties of Discrete Groups
Elements of Probability Theory
Error Analysis
Electromagnetism & OpticsQuantum Mechanism
Electrostatics and magnetostaticsUncertainty Principle
Boundary Value ProblemsSchrodinger Equation
Multipole ExpansionCentral Potentials
Fields in ConductingHydrogen Atom
DielectricOrbital and Spin Angular Momenta
Diamagnetic and Paramagnetic MediaAddition of Angular Momenta
Faraday’s Law and Time-Varying FieldsMatrix formulation of Quantum Theory
Displacement CurrentUnitary Transformations
Maxwell”s EquationsHermitian Operators
Energy and Momentum of Electromagnetic fieldsVariational Principle
Propagation of Plane Electromagnetic WavesTime Independent Perturbation Theory
Reflection, Refraction, DistractionTime-Dependent Perturbation Theory
Interference, Polarization
Thermodynamics & Statistical PhysicsElectronics
Laws of ThermodynamicsBasics of Semiconductor
Work and HeatP-N Junctions
Thermodynamic PotentialsDiodes
Elements of Kinetic TheoryTransistors
Maxwell’s RelationsLCR Circuits
Statistical EnsemblesRectifiers
Partition FunctionAmplifiers
Classical Ideal gasActive Filters and Oscillators
Harmonic OscillatorsBasics of OPAMPs and their Applications
Classical and Quantum StatisticsBasics of Digital Electronics
Fermi And Bose Gases
Black Body Radiation
Statistics of Paramagnetism

Jest Cut off marks for 2022 will be determined by various factors such as the number of candidates who appeared for the examination, previous year trend, the difficulty level of the jest question paper, 2022 number of available seats and more.

We hope the above information suffices all your queries and helps you prepare well for the Jest examination 2022. Suppose you need us to help you with any other information, comment below. We will be happy to help you.