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A Road to Success: The Importance of Sports in Students’ Life

An average man living in the modern world can usually have many dreams, those having roots in the numerous opportunities for better living standards around him. The opportunities are extended from one for the best education to another for the best career. It can be definitely said that an opportunity for the best education is the foundation stone of a fruitful life. The utilisation of this opportunity is simply revolving around a good learning process involving a healthy student lifestyle. Thus, there should be a better understanding of the importance of physical activities and sports in student life, championing outcome-based learning and happy life.

There is hardly a chance to forget the name of Joseph Pilates while we talk about the importance of sports in students’ life. He was a German physical trainer who suffered from Asthma, Rickets, and Rheumatic fever during childhood. But, he never submitted to his sickly childhood. Instead, he dedicated his entire life to improving his physical strength, and he is credited with inventing and promoting the Pilates method of Physical Fitness. By always sticking to his motor-physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness- he succeeded as a champion in his life. Hence, as the first step, it is important to know the crucial role that extracurricular activities play in students’ lives to achieve success.

What are the various physical and extracurricular activities in a student’s life?

Extra curricular activities are basically something that makes extra output other than the usual learning process. These outputs may not be reflected as marks or grades, and instead, they indicate some skills like embroidery, painting, sculpture, and other artworks. The term extra curricular activities also cover physical and health aspects like sports. As we all know, they may be athletics or games like badminton, cricket, football, etc. These physical activities can play a role in leading a happy and healthy life.

What are the benefits of sports in school?

The benefits of sports in school are uncountable, and one can not stand apart from sports after knowing the multifarious benefits of physical activities in schools.

1. Improving your blood circulation and reducing issues of respiration: 

Your efforts during an activity and body movement can increase the respiration rate, and this can improve your lung capacity and oxygen intake. Thus the efficiency of the blood circulation system increases, and better oxygen supply to the whole body can be ensured. You can imagine how better oxygen supply to the brain helps your thought process positively.

2. Strong and healthy body:

Physical activity makes your whole body sweat, and it will burn the fats deposited in your body which is more common in a modern world junk food culture. This will save you from possible lifestyle diseases in future. These physical activities can help in the proper functioning of your digestive system that may lead to teaching a better food habit.

3. Improving concentration:

Usually, most of the students are actively participated to a game that is played after hectic learning schedules. If you enjoy each moment of the game by involving completely in it, you can concentrate very well on each move by yourself and others. As you know well, students usually show more interest and involvement in the ground for many hours than on a study table. This mindful involvement helps to improve your concentration. 

4. Way to inculcate healthy competition: 

Sports is the best venue for healthy competition. It is true whether in a team or individual sporting item. A game is always to be friendly and is considered a way of enjoying our physical activity. So, if you are involved in a game without any intentions to hurt your opponents, it is the best teacher to motivate you to succeed. A good game has various participants and opponents only in the ground and until the last whistle. The lessons of healthy competition you have learned from the ground will definitely help you achieve success in life.

5. Creating a good friend circle:

The friendship you made on the ground will be stronger than others. There may be clashes in the ground during the game, but usually, it does not go outside. The bond is natural as you all enjoy the game at the same intensity, whether it is a victory or defeat. It is not made for a reason like those for study purposes. This friend circle will be a better asset for your life long to share your ideas, feelings, and sorrows. Remember the record partnership made by Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli in their childhood cricket days and their long friendship story. 

6. Developing better values:

The sportsman spirit you show on the ground is the basis of a value based life. You can nurture mutual respect, honesty, dedication, and gesture of teamwork through sports. The emotional quotient is also vital, along with the intelligent quotient, while working as a team in an organization and sports is the best way to nurture EQ. The values and qualities you develop on the ground will help you lead a happy life as a respectful personality without any enemies. This can not be getting by money or a good job.

7. Realisation of self : 

Realising your strength and weakness is the first step to success. Sports is the best tool for analyzing yourself. You can overcome weakness and failure with confidence and hard work. You can score full marks in all subjects or pass every exam without failure. But, there is a rare chance to win all the games you are playing. So, you can taste the ‘sweetness’ of failure in sports to understand how to succeed in life by overcoming failures. Remember, life is a journey of ups and downs. So, if you live with that spirit of a sports person, you don’t want to be disappointed in failures.

8. Mental relaxation and Happiness: 

A game doesn’t require much intelligence or memory. A single game is not going to change your life. So, everyone can participate in sports in a relaxed mood. It will be the best relaxation time in those tensed days of studies. It will be the best medicine to provide happiness in a busy career you will have in the future.   

9. Leadership quality and Decision making: 

Some games like football, basketball, and cricket require some tactics, talent, and some instant decision-making skills. This decision making skill requires not that much intelligence instead it requires deliberation, analysis of the situation, and emotional quotient to understand the emotions of the opposite team and your own team members to reach a good decision.The decision making skill of a leader that you acquire from your participation in games will be the back bone of your personal and professional life.

10. Making a career in sports:

The last benefit but not the least is considering sports as a career. There are many programmes like Khelo India initiatives to nurture sporting talent and spirit. It will bring you more fame and money than any other usual career option. Can you point out any doctor, engineer, or IAS officer who is more famous than Dhoni or Kohli? You can consider sports as a career option itself and a field that opens up the way to various job opportunities like army, police, etc. There are reservations for sports persons provided in the public sector jobs. The students with a good background in sports can get weightage in the admission process to some higher education institutes, and additional marks are given in examinations.

By going through the benefits explained here, hope you can understand the importance of sports to achieve success in life. Moreover, as Joseph Pilates said, it is very important for happiness in life too. So, be active in sports along with your studies. It will not be a waste of time if you give some hours for physical activities or games, but instead, it will boost your capacity to learn more and make your body healthy. By this way, you can easily fulfill your dream of leading a wonderful life.

All the best.

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