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Best Career Options After 12th Science That Will Land You In a Good Job

Choosing the right career is imperative for a successful and happy life. However, students find it tough to pick the correct career options after 12th science. There are numerous job-oriented courses after 12th science that one can choose. Finding the best career options after 12th science that is both emotionally and financially rewarding is crucial. Moreover, it is essential to do thorough research before choosing professional courses after 12th science.

After the 12th examination, you stand at one of the most critical junctures of your life—a stage where you need to decide on the best course after 12 science you want to pursue. There are innumerable career options available if you are from the science stream. Science is one of the most preferred subjects in 11 and 12th classes. It provides many career options, unlike arts and commerce. Because of the multiple choices, choosing the best course after 12 science becomes a complicated process. 

However, if you have somebody, a guide or mentor who can guide you, the process of selecting the career becomes easier. We know that this one choice will make or break your career. You have to choose one of the best professional courses after 12th science that serves your interest and passion. We will help you ease your task of choosing the best career for you. 

You can take up the most popular career options, such as medicine and engineering. Else there are many professional courses after 12th science you can opt. And science students have a broader choice in fields such as Science, Mechanical, Business, Agriculture, Entertainment, Forensic Science, Banking, etc. 

Best Career Options After 12th Science

Science is one of the most preferred subjects as it offers plenty of job opportunities such as medical, engineering, IT, biotechnology, pharmacy, etc. Students with Biology as one of their subjects (PCB) can opt for MBBS, BDS, Optometrist, Pharmacist, Microbiology, etc. Students with Mathematics as one of their subjects (PCM) can choose B. Tech, B.E, Aeronautics, etc. 

  1. Medicine

In the medical field, you have many options in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. It is one of the most popular fields. And the students can opt for the best course after 12 science. If you are Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB) student, we have listed courses below.

Courses after 12th Science (PCB)
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery(MBBS)
Bachelor of Dental  Surgery
Bachelor of Pharmacy
Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology
B. Tech/ BE in Biotechnology
Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry
B. Sc in Agriculture and Environment Science
B. Sc Home Science or Forensic Science
Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy
BAMS – Ayurveda
BUMS – Unani
BHMS – Homeopathy
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

If you have Biology and Mathematics (bio-math) combination of subjects then you can also choose from the other options. And the students who have the slightest interest in medical courses and pursue them for professional courses can select different options. 

    Opportunities for Bio-Math (PCBM) Students Other than Basic Science
Biomedical Engineering
Pilot Training
Computer Application
Cognitive Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence
Healthcare Data Mining
  1. Engineering

The engineering field offers plenty of career options after the 12th science. After medicine, engineering is one of the most sought-after courses students choose. Below is the list of career options you can choose.

   Career Options After 12th Science Engineering 
Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering
Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering
B. Tech Civil Engineering
B. Tech in Aeronautical Engineering
Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering
After Mechanical Engineering – One Year Graduate Marine (GME) course.
Bachelor of Technology In Instrumentation Engineering
Bachelor of Technology In Automobile Engineering
Bachelor of Technology In Petroleum Engineering
  1. Business & Commerce

Students can also opt for the below-mentioned courses after 12 science. These courses will prepare you for many opportunities in various industries. These are the best career options after 12th science if you choose to pursue management. Business management graduates can create plenty of opportunities and also make money.

Business & Commerce Career Options After 12th Science
BA in Hotel Management
B.Sc in Hotel Management
BA in Travel and Tourism Management
BA in Retail Management
Management Studies
Bachelor of Business Economics
Bachelor of Business Administration
Company Secretary
Bachelor of International Business and Finance
Banking and Insurance
Charted Accountancy
  1. Humanities

Humanities consists of 5 branches,  literature, languages, arts, religion, history, and philosophy. Therefore, if you are interested in studying history, ancient and modern languages, philosophy, human geography, etc., you can choose the course that interests you. 

Below are the job-oriented courses after 12th science. You can opt for product designing, fashion technology, animation filmmaking, video creation and editing, HR training, graphic designing, etc.

Humanities Career Options After 12th Science  
Hotel Management(B.Sc/BA)
Physical Education
BFA Performing Arts
Social Work 
Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Interior Designing, Product Designing, etc.
LLB – Law Courses
Film & Television Courses
Mass Media or Journalism Courses

List of Diploma Courses After 12th Science

Due importance is given to diploma courses these days. They were not considered as a career option before. However, they are becoming popular because one can become independent quickly. These courses provide practical knowledge. You can select any field of your choice. After completing the course, you can apply for jobs. Science students can opt for many diploma courses. Have a look at the diploma courses below.

Diploma Courses After 12th Science in Information Technology
Diploma Course in Computer Technology
Diploma Course in IT
Diploma Course in Software Engineering
Diploma Course in Computer Engineering
Diploma Course in Hardware Technology
Diploma Course in Computer Applications
Diploma Course in Animation
Diploma Course in Web Design and Development
Diploma Course in Mobile Application Development
Diploma Course in Computer

Diploma Medical Courses After 12th Science

Diploma Medical Courses 
Diploma In X-ray Technology
Diploma In Dialysis
Diploma In Operation Theatre Technology
Diploma In Medical Imaging and Radiography
Diploma In Electro Cardio Graph (ECG)
Diploma In Physiotherapy
Anaesthesia Technology
Ophthalmic Technology
Dialysis. MRI, CT Scan Technician

Other Diploma Courses After Class 12th Science

Diploma Courses for Science Students After 12th
Diploma In Nursing
Diploma In Textile Designing
Diploma In Fashion Designing
Diploma In Drawing and Painting
Diploma In Air Hostess, Crew
Diploma In Event Management
Diploma In Chemical Engineering
Diploma In Software and Networking
Diploma In Foreign Languages
Diploma In Nutrition and Dietetics
Diploma In Information Technology

This is the age of technology. We are witnessing a massive digital transformation. Many job-oriented courses provide you with broader knowledge. To catch up with the latest trends, you can opt for certifications in the new technologies. You can go for these latest courses with your bachelor’s degree to upskill your knowledge. There is considerable scope for AI-related jobs in the future. The emerging jobs are cloud engineers, data science analysts, cybersecurity experts, etc.

As per INC., according to Oxford University, most of the jobs will be overtaken by robots in the next 25 years. However, you can deal with this issue by preparing yourself for AI-oriented careers. You can be ahead of time if you understand the importance of artificial intelligence. According to INC, these are the few jobs in the future.

Future Career Options
Data Detective
Ethical Sourcing Officer
Artificial Intelligence Business Development Manager
Master of Edge Computing
Fitness Commitment Counselor
A. I Assisted Healthcare Technician
Cybercity Analyst
Genomic Portfolio Director
Man-Machine Teaming Manager
Financial Wellness Coach
Digital Tailor
Quantum Machine Learning Analyst
Personal Data Broker
Genetic Diversity Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I choose my career?

Your entire future depends on the career you choose. It shapes your life, and your happiness is related to it. You have to decide which field you are interested in carefully. Choosing the right career will set the path for you to grow mindfully. And it will lead to your success. Here are the few steps you can take and ask yourself a few questions. This exercise will help you figure out the best option for you.

Ask yourself these questions and write down the answers for them.

  1. What is my passion or interest?
  2. What are my hard and soft skills?
  3. What is my strength?
  4. What type of personality do I have?
  5. What are my values and principles?
  6. How much money will I make if I choose the career I like?
  7. What is the availability of jobs in the field I choose?
  8. Why do I want to choose this career?

After this questionnaire, you can make a list of jobs in your field and be clear with your choice. And after that, pick a couple of jobs that interest you the most. You can choose the courses accordingly, gain knowledge and start applying for jobs. One most important thing to remember is you should keep upgrading your skills for future growth and hike in salary.

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