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Best Books for JEE Mains

Best Books for JEE Mains: Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics

Finding the Best Books for JEE Mains preparation is like finding the right school, finding the right career option, and finding a friend you can trust. Books are good friends. They help you get the knowledge about the world, history, origin of technology, etc. which you wouldn’t have otherwise explored. Apart from this books play a major role in shaping one’s life and character.

Books become a matter of importance when you are preparing for JEE Exams. The exam where every student among 12 lakh students is competing against each other to be in the top-notch universities (IIT, NIT, GFTIs, IIITs, etc.)

Preparation when combined with dedication, efforts, the right mindset, and the right books will sow the seeds of success. Instead of spending thousands of rupees on random books, it is always advised to students that “Less is More”, “Quality Matters the Most”.

If you are a student preparing for JEE Mains and Advanced 2021 or 2022 and struggling to find the best books for JEE Mains, here is the list for you.

We have shared a list of best books for JEE Mains, recommended by the toppers and educators nationwide.

Best Books for JEE Mains – Physics

Name of the Book Author Book will be best for
Concepts of Physics (Vol.1 & Vol.2) H.C Verma Quality problems on all topics
Fundamentals of PhysicsHalliday, Resnik, Walker Concepts of all the topics
Understanding Physics by D.C Pandey(Set of two books for Electricity & Magnetism, Mechanics (Vol.1 & 2 )Optics & Modern Physics, Waves & Thermodynamics D.C Pandey Explanation, Derivation, and question set of quality unsolved/ solved questions.
Cengage PhysicsBM SharmaLarge collection of advanced problems
Problems in General Physics I.E. Irodov Practicing Problems
Understanding Physics Freedman and Young Explanation and an apt theory of all topics
Problems in Physics SS Krotov Practicing Problems
Problems and Solutions of Physics Shashi Bhushan Tiwari For Practicing Problems g problems and studying detailed solutions.
Best Physics books for IIT JEE preparation

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Best Books for JEE Exam – Chemistry

Name of the Book Author Book will be best for
NCERT Books (For class XI & XII) NCERT Many questions are being asked from the NCERT Textbooks directly
Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations R.C Mukherjee Solving physical chemistry and numerical
Organic Chemistry O P Tondon Good explanation of organic topics
Concept of Physical Chemistry P Bahadur Good explanation and set of quality problems
Concise Inorganic Chemistry J D Lee Good for considering as a reference for concepts of inorganic chemistry
Physical Chemistry P.V Atkins If you want to practice more
Organic Chemistry Morrison & Boyd Reference book to practice more
Best Chemistry books for IIT JEE preparation

Best Books for JEE Exam – Mathematics

Name of the Book Author Book will be best for
Objective Mathematics RD Sharma Basics of every topic
Plane Trigonometry SL Loney Trigonometry
The Elements of Coordinate Geometry SL Loney Coordinate Geometry
Algebra by Dr. SK Goel(Arihant Publications) Dr. SK Goel Algebra
Play with Graphs(Arihant Publications) Amit M. Aggarwal For solving problems
Differential Calculus Amit M. Aggarwal Calculus
Integral Calculus Amit M. Aggarwal Calculus
Complete Mathematics for JEE Main TMH For practicing more on topics
Problems Plus in IIT Mathematics A Das Gupta JEE Level Question Problems
Best Mathematics books for IIT JEE preparation

How to study for JEE Exam?

Seeing a lot of books online and suggested by your friends, tutor, or coaches can be a bit overwhelming. But don’t try to let this overwhelm hamper your preparation. Instead of thinking much about buying too many books do the following:

1. Don’t buy all the Books- Buying all the books can make you feel confused and leave your preparation in between. Buying all the above-stated books can be heavy on your pocket too. Instead, start with what you have. Be it NCERT or any other good book(any one of the books listed above). Start by paying close attention to the basic concepts and practicing a few of the questions from them.

2. NCERT is the best- You can’t deny the simplicity and power of NCERT. Though you may feel like NCERT can’t serve your purpose. But many questions come from NCERT textbooks. Practice and have an in-depth from NCERT first.

3. Mock Test- Mock Tests can reflect your preparation in a better way. Try to give one or two mocks every week.

4. Seek Help from Libraries- School libraries have all the books you need. Try to get any of the books from your library. But don’t move onto a different book before finishing the practice from the books you already have.

Many students face difficulties finding the right books for their preparation. Even if some have the clarity, they end up buying all of them. In both cases, they end up broke and confused.
Try to go by a minimalistic yet powerful approach to your preparation. Find what is useful and what is not, only then you will be able to reflect your best.

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