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Make Active Learning a Reality: Involvement of Each Student in the Learning Process

The success mantra behind every student is acquiring knowledge+enhancement through application+hard work. 

The second stage is the most important one, but the same has not been given the much importance that it deserves. It is the reason due to which many students fail to achieve their target. Active learning in which everyone is involved in various activities related to education, where development, application, self-correction, and improvement can bring excellence in studies.

What is active learning? 

What are the advantages of it? 

Is it the best method to yield a good result? 

Yes, you should have doubts as our traditional education system typically revolves around the theory of acquiring knowledge+hardwork and is not successful to that extent to make India a globally acknowledged innovative society. 

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Let us listen to a story :

The story of Manu, a student in 11th standard who was preparing for JEE IIT entrance exam along with his schooling. The teachers in the school follow a process of acquiring knowledge through memorizing the facts. 

The students have to recollect the facts from memory to attend questions in exams. Even for application-level questions and experimental studies in science subjects, this method is followed, which is absolutely not fruitful, especially for Manu, who requires many deep concepts, which would help his entrance exam preparations. Manu was always asking questions in the class due to his lack of understanding of basic concepts. He was not satisfied in the class and was tensed those days. He could not concentrate on his studies, and it reflected in exams.

 Manu was a brilliant student who passed 10th with 90 plus percent marks. His family, relatives, and friends wondered about change and the low performance of Manu. They finally approached an educational analyst to find a solution.

What was the issue of Manu? 

The educational analyst explained active learning, which involves analysis and customization of each student to understand the original concept to the application level. Manu, an excellent student until the 10th, could not adjust to the learning process in our typical education system, especially in science subjects. 

What is active learning?

It is simply the involvement of every student in the learning process to understand original concepts through various steps and practicing the questions like in an exam. 

Mainly, there are six steps in the process.

1. Analysing needs of students and the curriculum : 

It helps to structure and plan the program for students to satisfy their needs. The analysis can be from students’ past performance like marks of previous exams, classroom observations, personal interaction, and parental interaction. 

It helps to form a method in which one who demands special and individual attention would get it maximum. It also allows teachers to incorporate practical sessions and experiments in science subjects to understand original concepts. The frequent practice tests in a real-time environment can best demonstrate the application of concepts and skills.

2. Identification of topic and questions : 

It involves the analytical ability of an educator to handle the demands of students and the curriculum. Our educators select topics and questions suitable for each student according to their requirements and expected outcomes for the complete output.

3. Identification of learning objectives and outcomes :

After identifying the topics and questions, the corresponding educators set the learning objectives and outcomes related to each topic and question in the activity.

4. Designing the activity : 

Our expert team will plan the mode and method of activities by identifying the learning objectives and expected outcomes through previous steps. It involves assigning roles and responsibilities to each educator to make them personal mentors of each student. It is also considered in designing the activity to adhere to a strict timeline.

5. Identification of sequence of learning events :

Here no space for any confusion. The implementation of activities and methods designed in a sequence that is easy for both students and educators can bring a step-by-step approach to the learning process.

6. Evaluation and analysis :

The activities’ results have thoroughly undergone an assessment to analyze whether the expected outcomes have been met. It gives a space for parents too. Parents’ participation will help to make suggestions and design the next level of the active learning process that aims to attain improved status in the outcomes.

The active learning process has played an essential role in transforming the human resource environment in various western countries. This helps to reinvent the real potential of a child. 

The higher studies after graduation demand a research-based method to develop new ideas. These ideas can lead one to entrepreneurship like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg. 

Such ideas do not require a byhearting method of learning. It requires an experimental approach to understand theories, observation, and analytical thinking for innovation along with developing cognitive skills. 

They are the actual outcomes provided by the active learning process in grabbing the full potential for both competitive exams and a future journey to building a better career.

Now, what happened to Manu? 

He is now a co-founder and CEO of a US-based technological start-up, which shows magnificent growth in recent years.

If you wish to be a part of the active learning process,

no need for a second thought.

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