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Importance of Self-discipline in a Student’s Life

‘Discipline is the key to success.’ You have come across this phrase several times in your life. It holds great importance in students’ lives.

You would have read about the success stories of well-known personalities and the common trait they all possessed was none other than determination and self-discipline. 

For every one of us, a student’s life is the most crucial and developmental phase. The whole life ahead is dependent on what you learn during this phase. By learning, not just academic learning but also the overall personality development of a person.

Though the word itself depicts that it is done by self, it is something that doesn’t come naturally to you. You have to work upon it. Practice some good habits, work on self-evolution and cultivate strategies. 

In this article, you will learn how simple the word self-discipline sounds but it demands lots of effort, how a student can inculcate self-discipline, its importance and so on. Let’s get started!


Self-discipline is doing what is right instead of what is easy. In life, specifically for students, self-discipline is of utmost importance to have control of self. Keeping a check on one’s thoughts and behaviour, self-improvement, and achieving career goals. All this is possible with one simple yet challenging habit- ‘Self-Discipline’.

Self-discipline doesn’t mean beating yourself up for not meeting the deadlines or punishing you for something you must not have done. It simply means to learn from your mistakes, grow from them, and make sure that you possess that much self-control to avoid repetition.

A self-disciplined student knows when and what to do. Sets priorities including health, career, mental wellness, and so on. This is elaborated in the subsequent paras.

Importance of Self-Discipline

A key component of self-discipline is you will never lose sight of your goal. Every step of a self-disciplined student will answer him three questions-

  • Why am I doing it?
  • Does it contribute to my goal?
  • Is it the right time to do it?

In this way, a self-disciplined student is committed to self-development. The importance of self-discipline is vast. Its role, particularly in students’ life, is explained hereunder-

  1. Impact on Academic Performance: It possesses a great impact on academic performance. Self-disciplined students score better than other students in overall performance.
  1. Becoming Best Version of Self: Self-discipline will act as a bridge between the present you and the future best version of you.
  1. Stress-Free Life:  Disciplined students will not face the last-minute stress of anything whether it’s last-minute exam preparation, submitting an assignment or a surprise test, nothing will stress them for their academics. 
  1. Self Discipline Results in Self Confidence: Discipline and success walk parallel. When you are self-disciplined, you work consciously and get success. It increases your self-confidence. 
  1. Keeps You Active: A self-disciplined student remains aligned throughout the day and this keeps them active and healthy. In this way, they not only give sufficient time to studies but also other curriculum activities. They have no time for any aimless goofing. They work and rest timely, keep themselves healthy both physically and mentally.
  1. Time Management: Effective time management is the most important outcome of self-discipline. A self-disciplined student effectively manages time, completing his assignments before time. They do not procrastinate. Likewise, work doesn’t burden them. They manage time very well.
  1. Role Model for Others: Statistics show that self-disciplined students become future leaders. They become role models for fellow beings. Other students aspire to become like them. Not just for others, they motivate themselves to set and achieve higher goals.
  1. Consistency: A well planned day today and a lousy week ahead! This is not self-discipline. It comes with consistency. Continuous efforts and persistence work as miracles. Without regularity, there is no point of discipline and no question of success arises.
  1. Strengths and Weaknesses: You get to learn about your strengths and weaknesses. Which subject is the problem area, how you can improve it and overcome your weakness? What are your strengths and how can you use them to balance your academics? All this is possible only when you walk with discipline and have an in-depth understanding of yourself.
  1. Positivity: When you give your best, you feel satisfied and it helps you to stay positive. A positive mindset can achieve beyond any boundaries.

These are just a few points of importance in self-disciplined student life. One who follows discipline can only understand the importance of it truly.

5 Simple Ways to Practice Self-discipline

As you would have understood how much important role self-discipline plays in students’ life, here are some simple ways to practice the same in your daily life-

  1.  Avoid Distractions: Everything you come across doesn’t deserve your attention.  Choose wisely.
  1. Plan Your Goals: Plan your goals and make strategies to achieve the same.
  1. Have a Routine: Plan your day, week, month and this is how you get disciplined. Have a routine and motivate yourself to stick to it.
  1. Set Targets and Reward Yourself: Set your targets, deadlines and achieve them. Reward yourself, appreciate yourself. In case you are unable to meet your deadlines, analyze where there was any lacking. Work on that and motivate yourself to complete the same.
  1. Use of Technology: Use your gadgets not for distraction but as a means to achieve success. Set reminders, set health goals, keep a track of your routine activities and see better results. This can help you monitor yourself with ease.

Self-discipline works wonders in students’ lives. You have read how important it is to have a disciplined attitude in life. We hope you have answered well. Now, do not wait or procrastinate again to start tomorrow. Start now, at the moment. Get up. Plan your day, set your goals, take actions and become your own ‘Hero’


  1. How do I become more disciplined?

      Ans. Make a list of productive and unproductive activities. Try eliminating unproductive ones, plan your day and be strict to achieve the targets set.

  1. How do you develop self-discipline as a student?

     Ans. With consistency, following good habits, and having self-control.

  1. How do I practice self-discipline exercises?

     Ans. Wake up early, make your bed and meditate for 15 minutes. Stay positive and stop complaining, rather find solutions to your problems.